Lauri Pulkkinen is an artist and art educator living in Helsinki. He works mainly with oil painting and experimental animation but he is also experienced with other mediums such as illustration, music video and performance. In his work Pulkkinen often addresses questions about materiality, existence, different senses of reality and old natural philosophies. As an art educator his interests are in critical pedagogy and activism.



2008 – 2009 Vapaataidekoulu – Free art school
2011 – 2019 Art education MA, Aalto ARTS
2017 – 2018 Animation minor, Aalto ELO Film School


Afterparty (animated short film, director/animator)
São Paulo International Short Film festival 2019, Blue Sea Film Festival / Baltic Herring 2019, Shortland 2019, Animatricks 2019, Tampere Film Festival 2020, FiSH OFFshorts 2020, Nordisk Panorama 2020

Läpiveto/Cross-draught (animated short film, director/animator)
Animatricks 2020

Solo/duo exhibitions

Kevät salonki – Golden Stage Kaisaniemi, Helsinki 2018

MASSA – Kolo, Helsinki 2018 (with Verna Kuntsi)

FOD Jam – Kallio Stage 2018 (with Anna Neva)


Selected group exhibitions/screenings

Point – L3 Makasiini Jätkäsaari, Helsinki 2018

Ultra – Ursa galerii/Terra galerii, Tallinn 2017

SEES – Lume gallery, Helsinki 2017

Second thought – Asematila, Helsinki 2016

Yhden illan juttu – Galleria Huuto, Helsinki 2015

Kuvis 1000 Arabia, Helsinki 2015

Rikottu hiljaisuus – Node Gallery, Helsinki 2014



Teacher coordinator – Suomen Sarjakuvaseura 2019-

Animation teacher – Suomen Sarjakuvaseura 2017-

Workshop teacher – Aalto University 2017-2019

Camp teacher – Majaleiri, Arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki 2015-2018

Art teacher substitute, Helsingin kuvataidelukio 2017- 2019 (multiple substitutes)


Positions of responsibility

AYY representative council 2015-2017 – representative/group chairperson

TOKYO ry board 2015-2017 – vice chair, student advocacy, internationality


(picture – Fanny Carolina)


swell and pop

Swell and Pop, 2018 oil on canvas 100x150cm


Backyard, 2017 oil on board 60x118cm


Mycelium, 2018 oil on canvas 120x152cm


Burst, 2017 oil on canvas 100x120cm


Fury, 2018 oil on board 44x51cm

nonhuman skin

Human skin, 2017 oil on canvas 70x100cm

nonhuman skin2

Nonhuman skin, 2017 oil on canvas 70x100cm


Pores II, 2016 acryl and inc on cardboard 202x102cm

pores I

Pores I, 2016 acryl on board 180x77cm


Untitled, 2018 Oil on board 41x54cm


Research on Francis Bacons Paintin 1946, 2013 oil on canvas 120x78cm


Kong, 2015 acryl on canvas 70x90cm